Inflammation - Joint Pain

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Inflammation - Joint Pain
« on: September 14, 2020, 09:18:11 AM »
I saw a post regarding joint pain so I wanted to post a personal experience regarding same. 

I was experiencing daily struggle with arthritis in my mid 40s. The gym had become a laborious chore. Hated going. I had a large 16mm gallstone that I attempted to eradicate using diet vs. the usual surgery. 

I began eliminating all inflammatory foods: Alcohol, white carbs, sugars, caffeine, diet soda, dairy, many supplements like powdered protein and gear. While red meat is unbeatable for muscle gains and preservation, I discovered its highly inflammatory. I made green smoothies from organic green produce, drank them 2x/day with chlorella (green tablet). I took Asian herbs for my liver- gall bladder & biliary ducts (key to life) - did liver cleanses. 

In 18 mos all or most of my arthritis was gone. Unfortunately however, I lost 30 lbs and 4-5 waist sizes (29) and much muscle. None of my pants fit and IMO I looked like I had anorexia (62 w/Big head - thin body - at 205 lbs). To my credit, friends told me I looked like a ripped Rich Gaspari / Frank Zane hybrid. I was shredded everywhere like Andreas Mnzer - great, yet I did little cardio and no core work but had a six pack. I had no pain.  Learned that Diet is EVERYTHING. 

Blood work was shockingly good. Stone, which was probably a calcified bile salt (granite lol), remained. But I had ZERO colic. Once I resumed my old diet (to gain back size), my arthritis soon returned as well as my colic. I had the GB removed to be safe. 

Inflammation (joint pain) can also indicate a stressed, overworked or even unhealthy liver (from my experience). Take a break from the gear and add green. Admittedly, my diet was extreme, but it taught me how to manipulate my diet for health and while cardio is excellent for your heart, much of it can be avoided through diet and you can still get lean. 

**Like to hear from guys suffering from joint pain and how you manage your diets/training. Im in my late 50s now and I stopped barbell front delt , over-head presses altogether (so did my brother 50s - who is avid lifter/trainer). Just Too painful. Might stop dumbbell shoulder presses too. 



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Re: Inflammation - Joint Pain
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2020, 08:00:32 PM »
Flat bench unfortunately is when I get the pain.  I can get through it but for days I am sore in the joint.  Cortisone shots are the only thing that work.  I get one every 6 months to avoid surgery.  Fucking grinding and painful but the other option is to be a bag of shit.  I will take the pain and the shots for now.


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