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Bulking Steroids

The usual bulking steroids are Dianabol or Anadrol for orals, plus testosterone and nandrolone for injectables.

Bulking Purpose

It's important to bulk as it provides extra nutrients, this allows your muscles to grow at a faster pace.

Bulking Diet

Aim to consume an extra 500 calories every day, when you're dieting to bulk, up to 1,000 calories a day for slow gainers.

Cutting Steroids

The usual cutting steroids are Winstrol or Anavar for orals, plus Trenbolone and Drostanolone for injectables.

Cutting Purpose

Now it's time to show off those muscles you built during your bulk, lower your body fat percentage, giving you that ideal beach body look.

Cutting Diet

Aim to consume 500 calories less per day, if you're struggling to lose weight, drop your daily calories by 1,000.



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AasCircle has all information about the steroid usage itself, the necessary workouts, and the diet necessary to evolve yourself to become Schwarzenegger

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    We have articles explaining every single steroid, AasCircle has all the necessary steroid information, you will ever need to become a professional bodybuilder or high leveled athlete.

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    We have articles explaining every single diet imaginable, AasCircle has all the diet information, you will ever need to become a professional bodybuilder or lose weight for health purposes!

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    We have articles explaining every kind of work-out imaginable, AasCircle has all the work-out information, you will ever need to become a professional bodybuilder or for staying in shape only


A female can take the performance-enhancing drug but they suffer more side effects from consuming performance-enhancing drugs than males. For example, if a woman takes trenbolone, she will develop masculine features on her body due to her estrogens levels being out of flux. Thus, most women will consume far lower amounts of steroids compared to their counterparts, men. I recommend human growth hormones for women to take, it has the least amount of masculine features to occur and the most benefits.


Men can consume much larger doses of performance-enhancing drugs compared to women. Unlike women, steroids do not cause male hormones to get out of flux. Thus, they suffer from much fewer side-effects compared to women.

For men, they should take human growth hormones as well but also take testosterone decanoate and nandrolone decanoate combined. Remember guys, you don't need a shit load of steroids to get huge, you need to hit the gym three to four times a week at least, eat the proper nutrition and get your rest.